by Bingkun Hu

  • What is Blue Sparrow Qigong?
  • This Qigong belongs to the Mi-Zong school of Qigong, which is most well-known for its “Luo-Han Fists”, “Stances of a Drunkard” (“Zui Quan”), and “Qin-Pin Sword”, set one through set six. Traditionally, Blue Sparrow is considered the basic training Qiqong in the Mi-Zong system. It incorporates dozens of standing stances into a dynamic set of moving Qigong.

    According to my master and mentor, Lu, Zhen-duo (1903-1981), the lineage holder of the Mi-Zong school of Qigong, everyone who practices any set of Mi-Zong Qigong, should practice Blue Sparrow stances every day, no matter how advanced one’s level is.

  • What is Blue Sparrow Qigong?
    • Different standing stances, or body postures, are used to generate different body Qi-field. And then, by using the constant shifting from one standing stance to another, the flowing of Qi in our body is naturally stimulated without much mental awareness.
    • As the title suggests, Blue Sparrow Stances are composed of dozens of stances, each of them can be practiced as standing meditation. The beauty of this Qigong is the way it incorporates all the different stances into a dynamic set of moving Qigong with such seamless perfection. The movements in this Qigong are natural and marked by fluidity. Nimble and vigorous at times, they are aloof and meditative at other times.
    • There are lots of standing on one leg stances in this Qigong. Since the movements of the left side of our body is innervated by the right lobe of our brain, and the movements of the right side of our body is innervated by the left lobe of our brain, this exercise can stimulate the neurons in both lobes so that more neuron connections can be made.
    • Using positive images to help regulate the flowing of Qi. For example, here are several titles used in describing certain stances: “The superhero is treading on a tiger”; “The golden cock is standing on one foot”; “as nimble and vigorous as a swaying dragon”; and “as tall and erect as a green pine”.
    • This Qigong uses a lot of wrist coiling movements for gentle stretching and for keeping one’s body always relaxed, especially during the standing stances.
    • The footsteps of Blue Sparrow Qigong are unique. They allow for maximum shifting of body, so that one can shift from one standing stance to another smoothly and effortlessly. The resulting rhythm is enchanting.
  • The structure of Blue Sparrow Stances
    • Introduction to basic stances and steps
    • Developments of various stances
    • Varied mirrored images of Part 2
    • Balancing on one leg
    • All stances are set into dynamic motions
  • Basic stances introduced in Blue Sparrow Qigong
    •  Arrow stance
    • Horse stance
    • “Void” stance (“xu bu”)
    • “Low knee” stance (“xi bu”)
    • “Standing on one leg” stance
  • Health benefits of Blue Sparrow Qigong
    1. Enhances physical strength and stamina
    2. Boots immune system
    3. Sharpens the mind
    4. Stabilizes emotion
    5. Builds fitness and body shape
  • What to learn from Blue Sparrow Qigong
    • Dexterity and agility
    • Whole body coordination
    • Core-stability
    • Balancing on one leg
    • Center-periphery approach to Qigong